Robots and Media

ETH Zurich’s ANYmal, developed by the Robotic Systems Lab, has been successfully used in previous Space Exploration studies. Namely, the payload equipped robot was used in ESA’s first round of the Space Resource Challenge and is continued to be updated for the second round in September 2022.

ANYmal developed by ETH Zurich

The German Aerospace Center’s Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics has a strong heritage in developing heterogenous robotic teams for the exploration of highly unstructured terrain, such as to be found on earth and other planets. The following video summarizes the approach taken in the past plus field validation on Mt. Etna.

The LRU rover, developed by DLR
The ARDEA drone by DLR

Terrain visualization and data interpretation is key for making informed decision by the team and mission success. Work by Joanneum Research plays a key role in providing the information from the robots to the operators.